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Sizes: ApproximationsOverall: 203 x 76mm, Aperture: 144 x 38mm, Bolt Centres: 172mmOverall: 254 x 79mm, Aperture: 188 x 42mm, Bolt Centres: 219mmOverall: 254 x 102mm, Aperture: 208 x 50mm, Bolt Centres: 230mmOverall: 305 x 102mm, Aperture: 248 x 60mm, Bolt Centres:275mmOverall: 331 x 80mm, Aperture: 258 x 36mm, Bolt Centres: 295mmOverall: 256 x 127mm,...

Overall 282x89mm Aperture 200x40mm

Overall 311x102mm Aperture 230x50mm

Overall 250x76mm Aperture 190x41mm

Dimensions: 280mm x 80mmAperture: 207mm x 48mm approximately

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