Polished Brass 

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Product: C2240 25:Knob Diameter: 25mm;Base Diameter: 25mm;Projection: 23mm.Product: C2240 32:Knob Diameter: 32mm;Base Diameter: 32mm;Projection: 28mm.Product: C2240 38:Knob Diameter: 38mm;Base Diameter: 38mm;Projection: 33mm.Product: C2240 48:Knob Diameter: 48mm;Base Diameter: 48mm;Projection: 42mm. 

Height: 50mm;Width: 50mm.

Knob Width: 32mm;Base Width: 22mm;Projection: 35mm.

Knob Width: 32mm;Base Width: 15mm;Projection: 34mm.

Brass Cabinet Knob T ShapedDimensions: Base 13mm Diameter 35mmProjection 33mm

Dimensions:Knob Width: 32mm; Base Width: 16mm; Projection: 29mm.

Product Dimensions:Knob Width: 32mm; Base Diameter: 12mm; Projection: 32mm.

Height: 66mm;Width: 34mm;Projection: 13mm

Reeded Cabinet Knob: Dimensions: 32mm/ 32mm / 43mm(Base / Maximum Diameter / Projection)

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