Polished Chrome 

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Measurement from Hole Centres 160mm 224mm 320mm 448mm

Measurement from Centres92mm 152mm 203mm

Dimensions:037C0337_2DLength: 116mm;C to C: 96mm;037C0337_2CLength: 172mm;C to C: 152mm;037C0337_2BLength: 223mm;C to C: 203mm;037C0337_2ALength: 274mm;C to C: 254mm;

Measurements from Centres 96mm 152mm 203mm

Available Sizes 92mm 152mm 203mm

Product Dimensions:Product:C2533 96:Length: 121mm;C to C: 96mm;Base diam.: 25mm;Projection: 38mm.Product:C2533 152:Length: 179mm;C to C: 152mm;Base diam.: 25mm;Projection: 38mm.>Product:C2533 203:Length: 228mm;C to C: 203mm;Base diam.: 25mm;Projection: 38mm.Product:C2533 254:Length: 280mm;C to C: 254mm;Base diam.: 25mm;Projection: 38mm. 

Product Dimensions:Product: C7213 76:Length: 99mm;C to C: 76mm;Projection: 31mm.Product: C7213 152:Length: 176mm;C to C: 152mm;Projection: 35mm.>Product: C7213 203:Length: 228mm;C to C: 203mm;Projection: 34mm. 

Product Dimensions:037C0312_2DLength: 117mm;C to C: 101mm;037C0312_2CLength: 167mm;C to C: 152mm;037C0312_2BLength: 218mm;C to C: 203mm;037C0312_2ALength: 269mm;C to C: 254mm;

Product: C2231 96Length: 113mmC to C: 96mmProjection: 35mmProduct: C2231 152Length: 169mmC to C: 152mmProjection: 35mmProduct: C2231 203Length: 220mmC to C: 203mmProjection: 35mm 

Product: C0334 96:Length: 113mmC to C: 96mmProjection: 35mmProduct: C0334 152:Length: 169mmC to C: 152mmProjection: 35mmProduct: C0334 203:Length: 220mmC to C: 203mmProjection: 35mmProduct: C0334 254:Length: 271mmC to C: 254mmProjection: 35mm

Product Dimensions:Product: C4520 101:Length: 110mm;C to C: 101mm;Projection: 35mm.Product: C4520 152:Length: 160mm;C to C: 152mm;Projection: 35mm.>Product: C4520 203:Length: 211mm;C to C: 203mm;Projection: 35mm. 

128mm centre to centre of the boltsAnd159mm centre to centre of the bolts

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