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Good Window Hardware is essential to achieve secure draft proof windows and for this reason the selection of the right fitting is critical.


If the windows are side hung casements, check whether Balloon Seals are fitted to the frames, if so this seal will put constant pressure on the Casement Fastener, so it is vital that this fitting has been made to accommodate the extra strain these seals apply.

Another common problem relates to up and down Sash Windows. Very often due to age these Sashes do not line up when closed. This is because over time the windows have become heavier due to moisture and coats of paint over a long period. Replacing the Sash Fastener is not the solution, as it has not been designed to operate under strain.It will quickly bend or even break under this strain. The solution is replacing the Sash Weights, as well as the fastener. At Knobs and Knockers we are always on hand to offer advice and help where needed.

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