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Internal Doors are normally fitted with Lever Handles or Mortice Knobs. Lover Handles will fit any type of door, as they use a narrow lock/latch which fits into the Door Stile. Mortice Knobs require a longer lock/latch which is fitted at the Lock Rail position, however this position is a structural joint and fitting the lock may weaken the stability of the door.


The design and construction of the door will determine the size and positioning of the lock, which in turn will determine the choice of Lever Handle on Mortice Knobs. It is very important that you consult with your contractor before making a decision.

Finally, Lever Handles and Mortice Knobs are a very touchy feely product. They must be comfortable to the hand as well as be visually appealing, therefore we recommend that if it is at all possible, you visit our Showrooms to discuss your requirements with our trained staff before making a final decision.

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