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About Us

We are an independent ironmonger established over 25 years with one simple objective

Complete customer satisfaction at all times

We achieve this by meeting three simple criteria - Quality, value and Service.

  1. Quality - all our products are scoured on a specification rather than a price basis.
  2. Value - a lot of our suppliers are highly automated using the latest Robotic technology. We can therefore offer cost effective products without compromising our quality standards.
  3. Service - We are a small committed work force with professional and comprehensive product knowledge, all of which is vital to helping you select the right products for a specific project.


Knobs and Knockers
Nassau Street,
Dublin 2

Phone: +353 1 671 0288
Fax: +353 1 671 0609

Our Location

Knobs and Knockers, Nassau Street, Dublin 2. Phone: +353 1 671 0288 - Fax: +353 1 671 0609 - Email:

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